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10 Jul 2014 - Axine Water Technologies Receives Prestigious BlueTech Innovation Tracker Certification

21 Apr 2014 - Axine Water Technologies Moves to Larger Facility to Support Expanding Team & Technology Development

31 Mar 2014 - Axine Water Technologies Receives Additional Support from the Government of Canada


12 Mar 2013 - Gridtential Goes After Energy Storage with Improved Lead-Acid.

7 Mar 2013 - Rethinking the humble lead acid battery with chip and disk drive machines

7 Mar 2013 - Gridtential Energy Raises $1M Seed Funding for Advance Battery Technology


15 Jan. 2014 - Drought Solution: Supergel, super foam store water to save crops (Video)

Introducing a farm tech to reduce water and energy needs

Game Ready

20 Dec 2013 - The device is called Game Ready and its goal is to live up to its name.

20 Jun 2013 - Gastown Centers Provide Game Ready Cryotherapy.


18 December 2013 - Former US Energy Secretary Steven Chu Joins Board of Canadian Carbon Capture Company Inventys Thermal Technologies

15 Oct 2012 - GBP20 million ETI project set to advance carbon cature technologies


8 Sep 2014 - The Food of Future Past: Want a more sustainable future? Eat algae.

1 Sep 2014 - Red, White, Grean and Glowing: Earth's Most Colorful Organism


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