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19 April 2016 - Vancouver company's water purification system has a ready market

14 Mar 2016 - Axine Water Technologies Recognized as "Ready to Rocket" Among Fastest Growing Cleantech Leaders

05 June 2015 - BCTIA 2015 Technology Impact Awards recognize local firms’ breakthroughs


2 Nov 2015 - Lead industry luminary, Ray Kubis, joins Gridtential's Board of Directors

24 Aug 2015 - Dolby Labs' Licensing Pioneer, Ed Schummer, Joins Gridtential as CLO to Spearhead Silicon Joule™ Licensing Program

2015 - A new take on lead-acid batteries: An Interview with Christiaan Beekhuis of Gridtential


01 June 2015 - How water technology can help farmers survive California’s drought.

15 Jan. 2014 - Drought Solution: Supergel, super foam store water to save crops (Video)

Introducing a farm tech to reduce water and energy needs

Game Ready

21 Dec 2015 - Game Ready® Hits Landmark Global Medical Device Usage

17 Dec 2015 - Game Ready® Named "The World's Greatest Cryotherapy"

16 Dec 2015 - Game Ready® to Release Innovative Wrap for Head Pain in January 2016


22 Dec 2015 - Inventys Adds Two New Board Members Expanding its Expertise in CO2-EOR Commercialization and Doubling the Number of Independent Directors

18 Dec 2013 - Former US Energy Secretary Steven Chu Joins Board of Canadian Carbon Capture Company Inventys Thermal Technologies

15 Oct 2012 - GBP20 million ETI project set to advance carbon cature technologies

solazyme 1 Oct 2015 - Solazyme unveils Thrive, the first culinary algae oil in the market and its first consumer food brand

8 Sep 2014 - The Food of Future Past: Want a more sustainable future? Eat algae.

1 Sep 2014 - Red, White, Grean and Glowing: Earth's Most Colorful Organism


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